In general, we provide a warranty of 24 months from the initial date of sale for all products, as required within the EU.

For all warranty claims, the first point of contact is always the Hercules dealer from whom the item was purchased.

An exception applies to E-bike batteries. As batteries are considered wear parts, the warranty period is 6 months. However, Hercules GmbH grants an additional, voluntary extension of the warranty to 24 months for the battery, if the issue is due to material or manufacturing defects. The voluntarily extended warranty does not cover labor costs or transportation costs for the replacement. It is limited to replacement or repair of the defective component.

Excluded from the warranty are damages caused by accidents, defects due to wear and tear, and damages caused by vandalism.

Further notes

The warranty does not cover any of the following points:

  • Accidents or other circumstances beyond the manufacturer's control
  • Repairs by third parties or repairs carried out in a non-manufacturer authorized workshop
  • Bicycles with altered, removed, or illegible frame numbers

In the event of a warranty claim, Hercules GmbH has the option, at its discretion, to repair or replace the defective parts. If a component of the same type, size, or color is no longer available, Hercules GmbH may provide a replacement component that can be considered as a successor part to settle the warranty claim. The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective parts. No further claims can be asserted beyond this.

The warranty cannot be claimed if alterations have been made to the original design, the bike is not used for its intended purpose, or if it is subjected to excessive stress. Similarly, no claim exists for latent damages resulting from previous falls or accidents.

Damages caused by incompatible or unsuitable accessories do not qualify for warranty claims.

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